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Essential Winter Tonic

There's a reason why Lawn3 call this treatment essential.


All too often a lawn has its final treatment of the year around late Autumn, and then has to wait until March or April the following year before receiving any attention. During these winter months all sorts of problems can occur - including the colonisation of moss.


Lawn3 believe that to give the grass a healthy start to the new season, it should be tendered over the winter months.


Why have we introduced the Winter Lawn Tonic treatment?


  • Moss is increasingly being identified as one of the major problems in UK lawns
  • Wetter and colder winters with probably more snow is encouraging even greater proliferation of moss


What is the treatment?


Essential Winter Tonic has a high iron content, plus potash for plant protection. It begins the moss treatment over winter when moss is growing strongly – Essential Winter Tonic is effective any time of the year, but especially in cold weather.


Does it work?


  • Every Lawn3 office that used the product last year reported good results . It is especially effective during the winter months.
  • The treatment toughens and protects the grass against disease, stimulates root growth and inhibits moss colonisation
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