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This unique MiracleMOSSTM treatment programme contains a high concentration of potassium and live bacteria to rid your lawn of moss. The potassium kills the moss and then live bacteria in the product (a naturally occurring soil bacteria) eat the dead moss while at the same time feeding the grass and improving the soil. Additionally an application of soluble iron is used to prevent moss spores from germinating later in the year.


The first Lawn3 treatment for moss is to apply a soluble iron solution which kills the entire plant on contact within a couple of weeks. Once the moss has died off a scarification and over-seeding is highly recommended.


  • Number of Applications – x1 time per year
  • Timing of Applications – March – May (can also be done in September – October)
  • Application Type – An optional Lawn3 treatment for severe Moss problems


MiracleMOSSTM is organic, harmless to pets and wildlife and will not damage border plants or stain stonework, patios or paths.

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